In Politics Stupidity Is Not a Handicap

In Stupidity Is Not a Handicap– PEACE QUOTE BUTTON

In Politics Stupidity Is Not a Handicap--FUNNY PEACE QUOTE BUTTON

In Politics Stupidity Is Not a Handicap–FUNNY PEACE QUOTE BUTTON

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This quote from Napoleon Bonaparte  is particularly since Napoleon certainly had many encounters with all types of politicians, so he should know.  While I don’t think that intelligence is necessarily associated with , I think that a deficiency of certain types of is widespread.  is fraught with and .  This marginalizes other ways of living and relating to one another.  Ironically, the quest to triangulate thousands of expedient compromises, even with the intent to preserve and enhance human , invariably degrades our collective and individual worth in relation to the body politic.   This is another case of vainly seeking to achieve certain ends by means incompatible with those ends.  This necessarily disconnects the natural order of things, that means and ends are connected; and when the connection between means and ends is severed, the meta-message is that (or ) doesn’t make sense and that sensible solutions to problems are irrelevant.  This of affairs continues because sensibility is not the primary concern, rather, it is can be wielded sensibly, but has the “” of operating insensibly, according to its own whim or interest.  One does not have to have intelligence to wield , therefore stupidity is not a handicap in politics, the wielding of in relation to others.  A that views means and ends as inseparable needs to face the difficult of forging a way that is far less expedient.  If we didn’t negotiate away () regularly, then large-scale human endeavors would require an even larger scale of necessary to preserve .  This is a primary reason why I see and its critique of large-scale enterprises as so important to understanding the large-scale forces in .  If we were committed to healthy human , we would not engage in large-scale enterprises which run over human rights.  Of course, this is seen as impracticable or unattainable; thus, the pervasive sense that individuals or small groups cannot make a difference.  This fatalism is a logical read of the logic inherent in these larger systems.  The systems do NOT value you.  That’s because valuing you has been so compromised out of the system.  People become means, not ends.  Invariably, when people are treated as means rather than ends, they are treated meanly, like so much building material in the of others who wield more .  For better or worse, the only way out of this seems to be the masses rising up with their own inherent derived from their will and and overthrow the .  Now, this takes more than ; this requires !  I encourage you to against the machine.  I encourage you to live in ways that inspire others to fully live and not themselves as they internalize and model so well the compromising of others inherent in politics.  To live free is not a guarantee that you “win” (as in the conventional wisdom), but to center your living around the fact that being free is winning.  Live free or die.  The second comes to all of us.  The first is optional.


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