All Wars are Wholly Wars

All Wars are Wholly Wars-ANTI- BUTTON

All Wars are Wholly Wars-ANTI-WAR BUTTON

All Wars are Wholly Wars-ANTI-WAR BUTTON

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This anti- design utilizes a relatively simple pun to convey a relatively simple message.  is war is war.  Every a new war comes along we are told that is a new kind of war, with new more and nefarious enemy, etc. etc.  This is a lie.  The inescapable means of war are and destruction.  The rest is details.  Of course, being antiwar is often seen as being unpatriotic.  Thus the pun, allusion to “” wars.  War is the ultimate instrument of is a form of .  So-called patriots are expected to participate in this .  Thus, those who oppose war are often considered unpatriotic.  The idea of a war is so repugnant that I hardly even know where to begin critiquing it.  Nominally, has been used as the guise for justifying wars for centuries.  However, true has no place for war.  Hopefully, this design helps de-link from wars, and puts religion into its proper role, that of opposing war, not just some wars, or an occasional war, but all wars.

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