POEM: An Eve with Netanyahu

As President Biden campaigns on a pro-democracy platform against the corrupt Donald Trump, he is tag teaming genocide in Gaza with his long-time friend, the corrupt Israeli PM Netanyahu, the “Bibi” brain and heart of the military onslaught and deadly siege on Palestinian civilians. This poem regards this hellish alliance, and goes out to the Palestinian people who struggle to even hope for bread and water, let alone democracy.

An Eve with Netanyahu

Darkness falls unto Gaza
Hellfire on the horizon
As far as the aye can see
Awe hell to the chief
In the AM
And beloved PM
Shalom begets shalom
As hello and goodbye
Greets with a kiss
Violence begets violence
As the buy and bye
Greets with piss
Where right and left
Are helled together
By a dead center
Of treacherous aims
If morality is bread
Israel is starving
If water is life
Israel is bone-dry
As well
Reckoning its settled
No rolling stones hear
That gimme
Drunk with power
Helled as just
A shot away
All the time missing
Whatever their aims
Priceless love
A kiss away

To better appreciate the Rolling Stones reference to “Gimme Shelter” you can listen to the song here.

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