POEM: A Mazing Grays — Owed to Racist Color Blindness

During the primary election, we are in the racist shit, more than usual. In Republic can due fashion, in a run away of endemic , we hear of our civil as only peripherally related to , and color blindness as a solution in the race, at least the white race. Of coarse, it's much worse than that. The leading person of color candidate in the primary, Nikki Haley, has claimed that we have NEVER been a racist nation. This poem was triggered by candidate Ron DeSantis, whose answer to race relations is color blindness, a popular American dodge. Plus, on the other side, both Biden and Vice Harris have said that we are not a racist nation. I don't know if the two of them consider the U.S. as NEVER being a racist nation. But, if we were at one racist and not now, I am intensely curious what decade, or century, they would mark as the end of being a racist nation. Either weigh, I consider all of the leading candidates as making grate again.

A Mazing Grays: Owed to Racist Color Blindness

It's a grey day
In Amerikkka
A narrow palette
In a tasteless nation
Like the back of their hand
Its own
Forum of
As the world passes
Them buy
They can't see race
The color bind
Leading the blind
As much as a republic can
String long
Knot discerning
Noose to some
As country fool
Of racists
And how big it
As old glory bleeds
Washed out grays, white, and dark
Formerly red, white, and blue
Though white just
The same
The deference between gray and grey
Never herd
Of black and white
Mirrorly human
In this rendition
Of confederate grays

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