POEM: You Are Not a Loan

A poem for those who have crushing student loan debt…

You Are Not a Loan

Do the bankers still have a crush on you
Even after having
Taken you
To school
Bank rolling
The best daze of your life
Only left
With dear John
After your name
Meaning little
With a debt sentence
Your ahead
They so illicit
As you shutter
With the expectancy
Of another missed monthly due date
Feudally hoping for closure
As your castle is rooked
For in
Chess beating
It’s the king’s game
Sure wood
Forest to pay
For they won’t except a check mate
Colonizing all that is penal
As no man
An aisle
Of thieves
Con signed
And in return address
Occupy that robbin’ hood
Unable to fiord
As men of means
Who cannot right
It off
In their abandon
Another pawn
To hock with them all!
Conceived only in liberties
Fashioning accompany
Banned of brothers
As marry men
Outlaws and in-laws
A peer before queens
With a warrant for a rest
And broad casting
For won and awe
Wee have yearned an education
The key to mastery
Coming out of the woulds
The hole truth
And sole uniting principle
Of persons of interest:
You are not a loan

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