POEM: Halve Truth

This poem is a parody of the infamous “You can’t handle the truth” military courtroom speech from the 1992 movie, A Few Good Men. You can view the original speech here. Many have killed and died in wars over half-truths and hole truths.

Halve Truth

You can’t Handel the truth
That’s dammed right
Aye ordered the cold read
Son, wee live in a world that has walls
And those walls halve
Too be guarded
Buy men with guns.
I halve a greater responsibility
Then you can passibly fathom
You halve that luxury
Of not no’ing what I know
You due knot wont the truth
Be cause
Deep down in plays
You don’t talk
A bout
At din’er potties
You want me on AWOL
Wee use words like “hope”, “faith”, “love”
We use them as a punch lyin’
I have nether
The time nor the inclination
To explain myself to a man
Who rises and who sleeps
Under the blank it
Of the vary freedom that I provide
And then questions
The manor in which I provide it
I wood rather
You just
Say “thank you”
And went
On won’s weigh

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