POEM: The Dumbest Thing I Ever Metaphor

This poem is a tribute to the dumbfounding reality that speaking about God is extremely dangerous, almost as dangerous as not speaking about God. I am perpetually drawn to contemplating ultimate concerns, which naturally outline one’s respective, or irrespective, views on the nature of God. I strongly suspect that legalistic religion, fundamentalism, is the greatest threat to authentic spirituality. I choose a language of metaphor to tease out ineffable aspects of reality. Nonetheless, there is one conundrum you cannot beat: shouting out loud, “There is know God!”

The Dumbest Thing I Ever Metaphor

After awe
I wanted
Too shout it from a mountain top
Or whisper it fore a million ears
Never the less
Sum wear a mist
A wresting sow udderly dammed
I holy apprehended
There are things you cannot say
That are knot aloud
You can’t speak
A bout
That look up
On their efface
The dumbest thing I ever metaphor
There is know God

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