POEM: I Adore

I Adore

I stumble up
On the hows of awe people
Soully to learn
I adore
That witch awe of life
Is hinged
And I am holy framed
The truth of which
I cannot bolt
I am udderly dumb founded
Still and facing my mum
I thought myself clever
And I wished
To keep a lid on it
Only to uncover
I am ajar

This poem is a rather large upgrade to the old joke: “When is a door not a door? When it is ajar.” A door opening is common parlance for an opportunity or invitation to something new. I have come to understand that in an overly pushy world where people are rushing to “make” things happen, that the better part of wisdom is persistently inviting others to positive change with a minimum of force. While I have been known to regularly jar people’s thinking, my point is really to unjar there thinking. Ultimately, adore is only adore when it is ajar.

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