POEM: In Hospitable Missive

This poem was inspired by Israel’s official denial of any responsibility in the missile attack on a Palestinian hospital which resulted in the deaths of hundreds of patients, health care workers, and refugees desperately seeking what was hoped to be safe harbor. Notably, the Israeli denial overlooked mourning yet another human tragedy wrought by generations of military occupation, settler colonialism, and apartheid.  The Israeli’s quickly claimed the Palestinians blew themselves up. Perhaps, Israel should consider withdrawing from Gaza, if Palestinians are just going to blow themselves up. Amidst the absurdities of war, truth is the first casualty; most of the rest are civilians.

In Hospitable Missive

They sent a missive
An official release
Denying any responsibility
Hear lies
Grave truth
Their actions speak louder than words
Baring no responsibility
What sow ever
Truth is the first casualty of war
Most of the rest are civilians
And what remains
Fighting over
To reality they don’t own

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