POEM: Toying With An Explosive Future — Owed to Cluster Bombs

The U.S. is pondering it’s grave commitment to banning the use of cluster bombs — between wars that is. Weather or knot to endow Ukraine with such weapons of war, that is, the madder of contention.  In case you didn’t no, cluster bombs leave unexploded shells which plague generations to come, particularly kids when beholding them as shiny toys. And we know how this ends. This is what, our best and brightest mines doo.

Toying With An Explosive Future: Owed to Cluster Bombs

Gather children
Fore today’s lessen
And war anon
Anon anon
Cluster bombs
To drop or knot to drop
An unending catechism
Of fetching gifts
That keep
On miss giving
Too diet between rations
Like for peace
Until war’s commencement
The ultimate kablooey
Agin and agin
In the end
War is the bomb
A raze to the bottom
Winning daze
Losing generations
Respecting neither indigenous nor foreigners
Knot thinking ahead of seven
Let alone a tenth
A cruel tithe to the future
The tempt to win the war
Wear wore wins long the weigh
Satan cheers
Such a down payment
As weave made our judgment
Barely helled together
As good as we can
Passably doo
Pain the war fare
Wracking up
The losses
Fore generations to come
And go

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