POEM: That Saddest Factory Job

He wanted
A sweet
But he woke
Too fine himself
In a jam
Too preserve
That weigh of
Bearing deferred
His apprehension
A in trapped
Just wanting
A good deal bettor
Then merely make it
In that saddest factory
Cast away
Knot knowing
Weather to feel red or blue
Eclipsing his passed

This poem is about the in much of . Between meaninglessness and crappy that run you into the ground, can be a dangerous place for building a healthy life satisfaction. Gallup polls reports that 87% of workers worldwide “are emotionally disconnected from their workplaces and less likely to be productive.”  In the U.S., it's 70%. This is particularly dangerous since takes up so much of our conscious and semi-conscious life. For most people, their work life is pretty much a wasteland for their human potential and offers far too sparse opportunity for passionate vocations and creative skills. Even though “” has steadily grown for generations, this has not translated well to increased human potential. Also, contemporary work realities offer even less leisure than in recent generations. So, there is less room for pursuing other meaningful endeavors. How much work would it take to ameliorate this situation?

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