ELECTION POEM: Won Thing In Common

We had
Won thing in common
We were consumers
Of the of two lessers
As if
Only just
At last
Defeat the enemy
Hour strangled
Won wring
Too rule them all
Sending US too
Our eternal reward
That second coming
And over

Countless millions only wish for it all to be over on the impending dawn of won of the greatest daze in American .  The passive-aggressive cycle of non-election years and election years strikes me as absurdly dysfunctional.  CAPITOL PUNISHMENT: Those Without The Capitol Get The Punishment [capitol building] POLITICAL BUTTONThis is heightened in presidential election years (or is that non-presidential?).  In a numbing normality, worker , blind , and entertainment maintain a trifecta of passivity and hegemonic punctuated by learned .  That's the non-presidential years.  In presidential election years, our is traded up to the mirrorly .  More like (sic) television than , viewers — formerly known as — are granted the high tech, illusion that their for the winners, and decidedly losers, of American Monarch, is a choice worthy of our waning .  What we want, we want so desperately to be over.  Elect Satan - Why Pick The Lesser Of Two Evils - FUNNY POLITICAL BUTTONLittle do we realize that the unending cycle of fomented yearnings met with chronically new and improved unmet needs is perfectly consonant with our lifetime of socialization and domestication as consumers.  , buy, consume, die.  That we are literally consuming the planet should come as no surprise.  That in exchange for this we accept a few good and a lot of crappy (though 2 or 3 apiece), should be met with outright .  When winning ultimately feels like losing, and it only feels better when it stops, it may be a good to stop drinking the Kool-Aid™.  It's to raze the bar.

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