POEM: In A Family Weigh

The looms
Sew large
As we seam
Sow singularly stranded
In the
Weave heir
A parent
With know designs
Sum won ails
And grater still
The mine wandering
Too what end
As goes
On and on
In and out
Adding up
One's contribution
The pit or pattern
Of little feat
Never apart
Of the busyness

This poem is about and .  At times, each of us may feel alone, facing an uncertain .  This poem sets such worries and fears in the context of being part of the human , of .  You are not alone.  While our individual actions may seem futile, they are an undeniable thread in the fabric of the .  Even when we feel screwed, the future is pregnant with possibilities.  Not Your Obligation to Complete Your Work But Not at Liberty to Quit--PEACE QUOTE BUTTONThe Talmud wisely states, “It is not your obligation to complete your , but you are not at liberty to quit.”   is ongoing — such is the of .  Works worthy of the (versus the ) cross generations — even races!   Worthy hopes and dreams often need to live on across generations; thus, our hopes and dreams must pass the test of being in a weigh.  As native Americans might put it: the arc of our lives should be aligned with the lives seven generations from now.  The moral arc of the universe bends at the elbow of justice--Martin Luther King, Jr. BUTTONFurther, as Martin Luther King, Jr. assured us, “The arc of the bends at the elbow of justice.”  Wherever your takes you, may you find  and in the company of others, and do your part taking care of the family busyness.



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