POEM: A Brother Lying

Prey fore the dead
In the name of Jesus
In of those soully asleep
Getting a phallus rise
Out of Christianity
That is, US
More sow then radical
In violate fundamental lists
Dissembling faith, hope, and
As our trinity project
Our won God triumph a writ
With a Cain due
Over awe that is Abel
To spill the good word
Buy blood crying out
Too me
From the ground
A brother lying
Knot knowing
The hollowed
Of I am
One’s keeper

I often write about stuff triggered when I hear the news.  I listen faithfully to Democracy Now on weekdays.  It’s not unusual to stop in the middle of a show, or even a news story, to write a poem about something that touched me: a phrase worthy of seeding a poem, an issue baffling human kind, or simply a heartfelt emotion.

The literal and death issues of and peace, militarism and , have been close to my my whole adult .  The latest flavor of this is the unending on , which easily commiserates with virulent , nasty , presumptive , and irreconcilable bigotries.  Our unconscious privilege, convenient distance, and well-earned ignorance of world affairs is complicit with any easy alliance of as a alternative to costly self- as the true weigh of incarnating for all.  Nominal Christianity and its -sponsored sheep, hawk a cheap grace bound only by an unequaled budget and unquestioned reverence for a mercenary class.

I have a more generous perception of a frightened citizenry in deed resorting to in an increasingly secular, postmodern seems inevitable, certainly unendurable, without a resilient weigh to measure the sacred worth of an other, a brother human, who peers threatening.  I have a less generous view of normalizing by those aspiring to be , deeply commuted to any of the major faith-based worldviews represented by the world’s religions.  In the case of the U.S., the purported rock of our moral lives is Christianity.  I assert that an honest appraisal of American Christianity regarding its world domination is that it is ruggedly cross.  War and Peace - What Would Jesus Do? FUNNY PEACE BUTTONAmerican Christians quiet reliably in efface of , instead of bearing the rugged cross, demand the blood of “others” as their savior.  To this I can only say, “Jesus Christ!”  Whose due we bear?!  What about has to do with the , and death of Jesus — other than the fact that it was that executed Jesus.

To add insult to injury, the budget-sized we christen as , we blame on Muslims, or worse yet, on the sacred tenets of .  The real may be about who has the shallowest understanding of their religion: nominal Muslim terrorists or nominal war apologists.  I strongly suspect that the farces of Christianity have killed more people than the farces of .  Regardless, the age-old story of Cain and Abel, shared in the sacred texts of both Christianity and , plays out over and over: brother kills brother and denies the essential of their kin relationship and how family should care for one another.  May people of faith lead the way in ending violence between all peoples.  This goes triple for “People of The Book” (Jews, Christians, and Muslims).

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