POEM: Beauty Us Aging

There is a
In aging
A reservoir
Of singular moments
And glistening years
In ignorance passed
Belying youth
In wrinkled knows
At untaut skin
In the game
Wear even
The rests
As quiet
A scene

As every tradition teaches, is more than skin deep.  The beauty and that comes with accumulated trumps even youthful vigor and physical vitality.  Trading the vicissitudes of youth for the vicissitudes of senescence is not a bad deal.  With every there is opportunity for that youth often bulls its way past, with zealous confidence or strapping hardiness.  Even surviving long enough to senescence can be a daily reminder of 's bountiful blessings and accumulated graces.  An earned and long realized can pave a way forward with a truer compass, more reliable than the dashing speed of youth.  This deeper beauty is a layer anew in , nesting where the rests, as even now wrests.  May you find a profound beauty in aging, enabling you to live of the days of your .

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