POEM: Not Right in the Head

I am just
Not right
In the head
Just left
Of center
For know reason

The mathematician, physicist and philosopher, Blaise Pascal, said, “The has its reasons that reason knows nothing of.”  For most of human in most cultures, the has been considered the center of our being.  Modern is a notable exception.  In fact, the infant of suffers from an founded on narrow gone crazy.  This everyday routinely considers it to destroy the natural world to grow business.  We have rationalized ourselves into a path of destruction that seems necessary.  We have come a long way since the so-called enlightenment, with its iconic cornerstone of “I think, therefore I am” famously penned by the philosopher Rene Descartes.  I sometimes wonder if Descartes was actually at a bar when he scribbled his scrambled thoughts on a bar napkin, got home and couldn’t quite make out his writing: “I drink, therefore I am.”  These days, it is common to consider secondary to business, a natural resource to be consumed in the course of making a profit.  Of course, our on cannot be won.  Most people will assent to the overwhelming stupidity of this cruel logic, but our hearts may be so atrophied that we may no longer be able to muster enough to our lemming ways.  Fortunately, humans need not be bound even by logic.  The has its reasons.  The has its ways.  No plan can imprison love.  It may be no accident that our hearts are situated left of center.  Without love, starves.  Now, the danger of a desperate, starving should not be underestimated or discounted.  Nevertheless, when hearts reconnect and souls unite, human communities can be rebuilt, and in such a way that thrives rather than being consumed.  When the of our dominant is self-destructive, only a fool would stay that course and not look elsewhere.  That elsewhere is not some sci-fi uncharted.  That is reconnecting to the and eternal of the heart.  There is a solution to not being right in the head.  To delve into the workings of our hearts, not simply the machinations of our brains, is eminently reasonable.  Let’s make it so…

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