POEM: Fortunately

I am deeply
The sum of my hurts, disappointments, and fears
I am unfathomably hopeful
Beguiled by unearned graces
Surrounded by
And pelted by joys out of the blue

In many ways, is a double-edge sword, fortune and misfortune mysteriously entwined.  The difference may largely be what we focus upon.  I find that the firmest foundation upon which to rest my is for all that is fortunate in my .  Most of this, such as the of itself, is not my doing.  Granted, much of the difficulties in my life also originate outside of my .  Of course, I have a great say in what I choose to focus upon.  Frankly, I find so much more pleasant than .  That which I do have some over is a priceless of opportunity.  And such opportunity is best engaged with rather than and timidity.  As Amelia Earhart said so well, “ is the price that life exacts for granting peace.”  May you find, that inasmuch as your life is out of , that it comes to you characterized by , , and , rather than hurt, disappointment, and .  May you find, that inasmuch as your life is in your control, that you meet it with and , rather than and .

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