POEM: Fortunately

I am deeply
The sum of my hurts, disappointments, and fears
I am unfathomably hopeful
Beguiled by unearned graces
Surrounded by
And pelted by joys out of the blue

In many ways, is a double-edge sword, fortune and misfortune mysteriously entwined.  The difference may largely be what we focus upon.  I find that the firmest foundation upon which to rest my is for all that is fortunate in my life.  Most of this, such as the of itself, is not my doing.  Granted, much of the difficulties in my also originate outside of my control.  Of course, I have a great say in what I choose to focus upon.  Frankly, I find so much more pleasant than resentment.  That which I do have some over is a priceless of opportunity.  And such opportunity is best engaged with rather than and timidity.  As Amelia Earhart said so well, “ is the price that exacts for granting peace.”  May you find, that inasmuch as your is out of control, that it comes to you characterized by grace, joy, and hope, rather than hurt, disappointment, and fear.  May you find, that inasmuch as your is in your control, that you meet it with and gratitude, rather than and resentment.

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