Just Eating For Life: New Web Site

I have been interested in pretty much my whole adult life.  This started out from a concern for and of our natural resources, as well has an interest in and health.  I became a vegetarian and took a class as a freshman in college in 1980.

I eventually went on to get a bachelors of degree in biology from College in 1983.  I also earned a Master’s degree in public health from the University of Michigan School of in 1985.  I first worked as a nutritionist in a health and center operated by a progressive physician as a and an adjunct to his private practice.  Then, I as a health educator in a health center, utilizing my skills in and quite actively.  Then,  I spent a decade working on HIV/AIDS through a local health department, not utilizing my nutrition knowledge very actively.  After this, I spent several years working as a health planner, covering a whole host of issues, nutrition only been part of this.  Then, for something completely different, I started my own business, .com, which I have done for the last decade, which has virtually nothing to do with nutrition.

It’s to get back into the game.  I’ve always maintained my interest in nutrition, and I have done a fair of keeping up with nutritional advances over the years.  The idea of teaching a community class has been brewing in my for several years now.  However, recently, with a series of awarenesses related to nutrition, as well as a number of significant changes in my own nutritional practices, I have decided to create a website, Just Eating for Life, and actively pursue creating a series of community courses, ranging from simple one- lectures to longer more involved courses which entail active behavior strategies as well as the steroidal increase in knowledge.

Hopefully, the of me being seriously under-employed will benefit the world.  Of course, I will enjoy it immensely, either way.  So, let the games begin!

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