FREE POSTER: MLK I Have a Dream, Obama I Have Drone

To celebrate the legacy of peace and of Martin Luther King, Jr. this upcoming 2013, I have designed this free : “MLK I Have a , I Have

You can download this free 8-1/2 X 11″ Martin Luther King Poster – “MLK Dream, Obama Drone” here

Download Free Martin Luther King Obama Poster

This . design is a little edgier than many of my MLK designs.  However, in meditating upon our upcoming local MLK in , Ohio, I recognize that the profound of MLK’s body of for peace and is often turned into some kind of namby-pamby niceness and abstraction of pure intentions.  Of course, this overlooks the hard-core and often very unpopular that MLK conducted.  I was extremely disappointed, as were so many others, when gave his speech for the Nobel Peace Prize.  While Mr. typically finely targets his fine to his audience, his speech to the largely pacifist aficionados of the Nobel Peace Prize was nothing less than apologetics for .  Unfortunately, Mr. ’s has been fully incarnated into deadly policy with his escalation of killer initiated by Pres. George W. Bush.

I plan on passing out free buttons to participants of our local .  I expect that many people will be a little reluctant at the harsh juxtaposition of . and his idealistic and famous “I have a speech” with Obama’s droning on with killer strikes, raining on mostly civilians and often . Mr. Obama’s killer strikes is perhaps this millennium’s best example (so far) of a blatant violation of international and national sovereignty.

The timely and : what would MLK do?  Is appropriate especially for , and every day in 2013.  What say you?

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