FREE POSTER: MLK I Have a Dream, Obama I Have Drone

To celebrate the legacy of peace and of Martin Luther King, Jr. this upcoming 2013, I have designed this free : “MLK I Have a , I Have

You can download this free 8-1/2 X 11″ Martin Luther King Poster – “MLK Dream, Obama Drone” here

Download Free Martin Luther King Obama Poster

This . design is a little edgier than many of my MLK designs.  However, in meditating upon our upcoming local MLK in , Ohio, I recognize that the profound of MLK's body of for peace and is often turned into some kind of namby-pamby niceness and abstraction of pure intentions.  Of course, this overlooks the hard-core and often very unpopular that MLK conducted.  I was extremely disappointed, as were so many others, when gave his speech for the .  While Mr. typically finely targets his fine to his audience, his speech to the largely pacifist aficionados of the was nothing less than apologetics for .  Unfortunately, Mr. Obama's has been fully incarnated into deadly policy with his escalation of killer initiated by Pres. George W. Bush.

I plan on passing out free buttons to participants of our local .  I expect that many people will be a little reluctant at the harsh juxtaposition of . and his idealistic and famous “I have a speech” with Obama's droning on with killer strikes, raining on mostly civilians and often . Mr. Obama's killer strikes is perhaps this millennium's best example (so far) of a blatant violation of international and sovereignty.

The timely and : what would MLK do?  Is appropriate especially for , and every day in 2013.  What say you?

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