POLITICAL CARTOON: Dr. Jesus – Blessed Insurance

Doctor Goes on Rounds

Jesus Cartoon: DOCTOR Jesus -  Blessed Insurance

Dr. , a teacher as well, works at a teaching hospital.  Dr. takes every opportunity possible to share his of medicine with others.  Of course, working at a prestigious teaching hospital doesn’t come cheap!  So, Dr. first asks his followers to join him in and a round of the hymn, “ Insurance.”  Dr. Jesus knows who puts hummus on his pita bread!  Also, it proved to be eminently more practical than Dr. Jesus’ original plan, “ for .”  Even with Dr. Jesus’ new-found practicality, he still remains suspect for his whole “ for a song” .

So, until next Sunday, with the next edition of Doctor Jesus, CEO Jesus, Comedian Jesus, General Jesus, Country Club Jesus, etc., let me know what you think.

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