Every Revolutionary Ends Up Oppressor or Heretic

Every Ends Up Oppressor or Heretic–PEACE QUOTE BUTTON

Every Revolutionary Ends Up Oppressor or Heretic--PEACE QUOTE BUTTON

Every Revolutionary Ends Up Oppressor or Heretic–PEACE QUOTE BUTTON

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For those of you who aspire to being a , or wake up one day and learn that you are , this Albert quote is for you.  presages the results of means by pointing out that all revolutionaries either end up as oppressors or .  I don’t know about you but I’m a proud member of the .  In terms of means and ends, I believe that this quote speaks to the issue of versus .  Violent revolutionaries may or even upgrade the oppressors, but ultimately, they do not defeat , just other oppressors.  I believe that is inherently oppressive.  Now, I am willing to argue what constitutes , particularly since I define and quite broadly.  In fact, it may be better to say that I believe that is and that is liberation.  In the end, I see is reinforcing the quo, the .  Thus, is not really , even though it may bring a lot of outward .  To be truly revolutionary I believe that there must be an inward that is consistent with any outward .  I think that this is where the come in.  Most people will settle for an outward world that advantages themselves, even if it means disadvantaging others.  For violent revolutionaries, this typically means disadvantaging one’s defeated foes as some sort of or retributive . This is generally accepted as a practical , the conventional and practice of our world.  I believe that this type of approach is extremely dangerous since seems to prove that the turning of the tables simply means new oppressors.  However, if one wishes to overthrow conventional , it is likely necessary to practice unconventional .  If the endgame is , an for all of its members, then treating former oppressors punitively becomes a foundation for egalitarianism.  I think that this gets to the heretical of nonviolence.  Nonviolence is a way of , not just a tactic or a means.  It means and the ends are inextricably intertwined.  More simply put, the means determine the ends.  How could it be otherwise?  I find it quite that hard-nosed revolutionaries advocating violence somehow think that violence will lead to nonviolence, or perhaps more depressingly, cynically accept that violence is unavoidable.  Perhaps recognized the intractable of the struggle between violence and nonviolence, thus he laid out the dichotomy of either becoming an oppressor or becoming a heretic.  I find myself attracted to the iconoclastic, because it seems the most apt to create revolutionary .  This may be simply tied to the definition of what is: a from the quo, a in the of the .  You can’t defeat the quo by the means of the quo.  You can’t defeat the , by simply wielding over others in some better fashion.  I think the point is that we should not even be wielding over others, and this never quite seems fashionable.  As long as people want to lord over one another, then nonviolence will be unfashionable.  So, join the unfashionable heretics.  Be free to ignore conventional when it seeks to enslave us, and when it asks us to enslave others.  Be free, because being free is the best way to teach others about being free.  Be the .  This is a revolutionary.

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