POEM: Dis Quieting Genocide

Talking about US complicit in genocide may be uncomfortable, even a bit traumatic. Still, such discussions have miniscule chances of approximating the horrors of genocide itself.

Dis Quieting Genocide

It was a bad day for propriety
A revolting day for impropriety
And what is questionable
In such alleged riotousness
At the OK quarrel
Perhaps a little
A loud
As a privilege to a void
And what to call the question
What is peace?!
Torn as under
A neighbor’s thumb
On the scale
Of just US
And what is
Far off
Far beyond
Who’s left
Who’s right
What remains
What upright
As if the dead dare speak
Of helled harmless
As the wrest of US
Perhaps never quiet knowing
What is it that
Still ’em bodies
Good trouble?
Necessary evil?
Culling out
Cries of “Ceasefire!”
A grieving
Such death and deconstruction
Perhaps the soul thing we no
The most grave
Wear no means
Hour greatest faux

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