POEM: The Weigh of Our Great Grandchildren

This poem employs the metaphor of using irresponsible and unsustainable credit that must be paid by future generations. Externalizing the true costs from the present sticker price of our way of life by ignoring environmental costs incurred by fossil fuels and resource extraction all but assures a cruel form of debt slavery upon ensuing generations. This is perhaps the truest measure of our valuing of money over people, even our own children. Will this be strike three for “family values?”

The Weigh of Our Great Grandchildren

Parently wee
Must be
Putting on
To such taking
As much as we want
A greed
Our savvy genus
Taking out
A thousand year mortgage
As sentries of death
In curred
So due
An industrial 360
That loaded spin
In a rapacious whirled
When awe it was
A drunken frat party
Fossil fool juiced
Too bind to sea
And just deserts
A dying plan it
Your money ore your life
All kidding aside

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