POEM: Seeking Haven — Deed On A Rival

Here is a poem about our nation’s recalcitrance in welcoming immigrants and refugees. Wile we use cramped legalisms to incarcerate our hearts, many speak openly in racist and violent terms. I strongly suspect that we would do better as a nation and a world to purposively welcome immigrants and refugees, and recognize that no human being is illegal.

Seeking Haven: Deed On A Rival

I am an immigrant
From God knows where
Every language unspoken
Arriving in naiveté
And no room in
Only to be tolled
By those of unsound mine
To get my asylum seeking as
Taken aback
To wherever I came from
My advent
Only to mete
Impassable boarders
To be borne here
As if a different specious
Unlike me
Illiciting aliens
Subject too
Anal probes
A head
For paper work
Unregarding unsubstantiated birth
Finding only tall tails
Questionable monkey’s uncles
And least of these
Hapless to see the plight
Knot willing
Too believe
In such a never never land
Of the free
Mark it
Won’s words
In sentries of precedents
Elected freely
And now defend on them
For citizenship
Feigning brave bull work
Wear hear
We warship as wee pleas
And fence liberty for huddled masses
Whose flag waving
Is uncolored properly
By the book
In accord with the clink
That might
Give hard one angles
As deed on arrival

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