POEM: The Incalculable Weighs to Prey

This poem ponders the fact that hardships and trauma can lead people away from religious and spiritual seekings as well as leading them to such seeking. I find that while darkness can be powerful, even overwhelming, light has a way of seeping in.

The Incalculable Weighs to Prey

Borne astray
He had
Learned his lessen
Right a weigh
Halving life
Since he was a boy
Razed by the church
And a mama trying
Double-crossed by fighting chance
He missed
Every opportunity
Every won
He could knot
See himself
Awe weighs
Crossing align
Weak after weak
To the end of daze
Would any won
Get his barings
Averse perhaps
Array of sunshine
Scarred out of his mine
A whirled of under standing
In spite of
Life is becoming
Ardor and ardor
And ardor still
Until it peers
Like know other
And hither two won

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