POEM: Knot The One in Red

According to family lore, when I was a very young child, I gave my toys away to other children. While this may have been a good way to make friends, I suspect that it was an early sign of me preferring to play and commune with the source of all, the “toy maker.” Many decades later, allegedly an adult, I continue to see humans as much more interested in playing with their “toys” than relating to this deep source of awe. If this strikes you as a bit fabled, that’s fine; though in this case, for me, it’s not Santa or Satan.

Knot The One in Red

Legend has it
I gave my toys away
As a child
And then
As awe ways
I just
Proferred to play
Not simply with a toy
But rather
In stead
With the toy maker
And know
The one
In red

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