POEM: Dammed Hope

This poem employs a metaphor of a remote mountain lake brimming with hope, exasperatingly difficult to access, only to be topped with an even more secluded mountain valley hiding away awe of the lost senses of humor of uncounted folks.

Dammed Hope

Up in the mountains
Sow high
Theirs a pass
So long
And down
In the valley of lost hope
A valley know more
Rather there
I found
Transformed between
Two summit I’d a prize
More than just
A titanic see
Hope lapping onto the mountaintop
Quiet a mountaintop experience
Helled only
By an inexplicable damming
Whether geological or theological
I could not determinate
And having taken awe that I could convey
To the point I would depart
Beyond me
A single peek
Which I will never get over
Another valley
Positively knot a depression
That hide a way
Where uncounted folks
Have lost their senses
Of humor
And awe I’m culpable of
A vowing
Know joke

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