POEM: God’s Tell

's Tell

Is it just
Another day
Like any other
Inner changeable
Who could tell?
And there I was
my own
When it came to pass
winked at me
I timidly wavered back
Yet setting off
A sparkle in my eye
Leaving me feeling
A little more catchy

Few people claim to literally hearing speak, and the title of this poem, God's Tell, is rather an allusion to a tell in poker, where a clue is revealed regarding what another player's hand may be and how they might it. Of course, for many people, poker is a serious matter, especially if discerning a tell is critical to a winning edge. I juxtaposed a wink as a playful and reassuring way of God communicating God's hand and how God might it. The chief complaint against God may be that God doesn't implement in the way or timing that won might want. Perhaps the of spirit is more about and reassuring communication how we are “with” one another in whatever it is that they may be experiencing. The first step in the evolution of ethics is a sense of solidarity with other human beings -- Albert Schweitzer quote POLITICAL BUTTONFor me, this can be an important insight into the of in , standing with one another, though it highlights the process rather than simply just the outcome. Balancing our focus on the rather than simply the destination, may very well help us get there, and certainly offers a more pleasant option in enduring the many ups and downs in movements. Who knows, perhaps one of the main destinations, arrival points, is simply being with those around us on the .

More simply, this poem can be a serendipitous moment where we feel and are caught off-guard in the best of ways. May such moments be catchy!


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