An Apparently Unimpeachable POEM: If Only It Were Just Bazaar

If Only It Were Just Bazaar

He ran
The whirled
Like a carny
King Con
A sideshow gone viral
Kicked off the island
No longer in realty
Passing bills ‘n washing ton
In the house of white he
Longs for the sweetness of cotton
‘n elephant ears long fore gotten
As he deafly rallies his confederates
As hole country goes south

Today, Senate Republicans, alleged jurors, may end the trial that may not really have been a trial. Won way or the other, this will be a new precedent in the regime of this unprecedented , , aka, The Don.

END REX LEXBy the way, means the king is the . is the opposite of nobody is above the , equal protection under the , and a of the people, by the people, and for the people. END !

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