FREE POLITICAL POSTER: Trump Republicans Bring Back Coal and Declare Mission Accomplished with TAX CUTS for RICH

Trump Republicans, with their current tax scam, have inspired Santa to bring back coal. Mean wile, Prez and his cronies simply declare mission accomplished. Funding tax cuts for the on the backs of and middle-class Americans is nothing knew for the wish list to Santa. Of course, Republicans latest scam has some new twists, such as: killing the individual mandate which will bring US 13 million more uninsured Americans; opening the Arctic Wildlife Refuge to oil drilling, a dark wet for the oil industry; giving fetuses legal as people  inasmuch as it allows parents to buy their unborn  529 college savings plans for unborn — all wile repealing the adoption tax credit; repealing the Johnson amendment that prohibits all 501(c)(3) non-profit organizations from endorsing or opposing candidates, opening the floodgates of churches wading into ; repealing tax deductions for student loans and eliminates tax exemption of graduate tuition waivers; and repealing deductibility of high medical expenses.

So, in honor of this unfolding catastrophe of a tax scam, I have created another in my “” series of . Please feel free to print and/or share this free poster: Trump Republicans Bring Back Coal and Declare Mission Accomplished TAX CUTS for .





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