ELECTION POEM: Democracy Takes A Dive

Like that
After a cold night
Looking over
That nasty bluff
When the populace says jump
As if
Only culpable
How high
Falling for everything
Accept gravity and
As mirror opinion
Reproving such an eminent nadir
As takes a dive
For the biggest dip ever
And with celebrated ruins
Hour only
As tour US industry
For what's left
Of the wrest of the world

This poem is dedicated to that huge, really huge part of that is looming amidst shock and of a regime.  Sometimes the Empire Makes a Bad Call -- POLITICAL BUTTONI am definitely not a fan of things having to get worse before they get better.  It's A Planet Not An Empire POLITICAL BUTTONI intentionally rejected that notion wholesale years ago.  While we can learn stuff by getting hit in the face by a 2×4, this is a bankrupt rationale for hitting people in the face with a 2X4.  In a Trump , the biggest I can muster is that his capricious governing will cause American empire to falter in its hegemonic of the rest of the world. [editor's note: I had to add “” to my blog's dictionary]  Trump's first credo is, of course, perfectly aligned with traditional and endemic American .  ANTI-WAR QUOTE: Price of Empire America's Soul -- PEACE SIGN BUTTONMy rests somewhere in the neighborhood of one's greatest strength becoming one's greatest weakness.  While many aspects of a Trump regime are uncertain, there is little doubt that will not be in short supply.  May progressive and humane forces take advantage of whatever cracks may appear in the predominance of well-disciplined empire.  May we forge a beyond the false of and , a of and equity between all peoples and for the planet in which our ultimately depends.

Feel free to browse anti-imperialism and anti-empire designs.

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