POEM: Divine Picking A Friend’s Knows

They had
Immeasurable weighs
Too knot believe
Wholly haunted
Bye sum divine coupling
Or just won more
Each picking
Their favorite knows
Their own
If only
They had
Too sell nothing

This poem is an to the infinite reasons to knot believe in , the most preeminent being sold a build of goods buy brand name .  The inconvenient is that the of ’s spirit into that matters can only be brought about by giving it away through our generous and filled actions.  Trying to sell others on our own particular understanding of is inescapably tainted by picking our favorite knows, and others rightfully peer upon us as bogeymen.  In the end, just words are of limited help, even a misnomer.  Talk is cheep.  And a of talk, talk, talk is for the birds.  Many observers of can’t help but focus on the do, do and what is still, lacking.  My we find a too sell nothing and in this find God given away.

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