POEM: A World Without Boarders

bids us
What rend must we pay
For such in dwelling
In apprehending tenets
In discriminating borne
Giving no quarter
To mother and child
And presumed fodder
Taking the place
Of wear every won re-sides
Drawing lyin's in the sand
And hiking up shields of water
In a tsunami of divine just us
As fences of steal
Wherever we land
Keeping out nothing worth wile
As per sever demeanor
From our guarded kind
As all is wall
In the confines of what is ours a loan
Yet in efface of
The largesse attract of common ground
Enjoining to gather
What is the lease we can do
Inter or gate
Only wanton to ax
How to occupy that territory sow dear
Between haves and halves not
As cleaves
To that intrepid
Of a world without boarders
In habit
As kin to won sky
Our only limit

This poem addresses the theme of borders and the human propensity to divide us up into cliques, clans, classes, and territories.  Such divisions are often to the detriment of the .  While often under the guise of , such social stratifications unjust as often reinforce conveniences and guarded advantages.  No Human Being is Illegal / No Ser Human Es Ilegal POLITICAL BUTTONIn this great nation of immigrants — and conquistadors to indigenous peoples — there has been much about building walls.  and scapegoating seem to have found more openly vulgar expressions in contemporary .  The peeling back of the veneer of civilization may simply be a necessary process to move from unconsciousness to of institutionalized , first-worldism, the seeming necessity of permanent , and xenophobic fears of all sorts.  As our ways of reveal themselves as ways of , the choice for becomes more clear — perhaps not any easier, but clearer.  This poem begins with the context of and human mother and child.  We are all of , who only considers walls and borders as scars on her .  Each of us is a child, daughter or son.  We are all brothers and sisters, cousins and kin.  We are one .  We either realize that blood is thicker than water or our water will be thickened with blood.  We are all boarders on planet earth.  Activism Is My Rent For Living On This Planet -- Alice Walker quote POLITICAL BUTTONNo human being is .  Nation states only deserve to exist inasmuch as they serve and Mother Earth.  Without such , we just might find out the hard weigh what a world without boarders looks like.  May we rekindle a deep affection and connection to of our sisters and brothers near and far, for the of the world.

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