POEM: Sea of Love

I was lost
In a sea of
Only to find my way back
To this world
Look in my eyes and sea
All that I have
For you

is a vast place; one of those places where you can recharge your or simply folic in has an otherworldly quality to it.  Not too surprising, if is love.  Love is a respecter of man-made conventions, known to turn conventional upside down.  The weighs of love are not easily subject to human calculation or even put in words, especially for .  This short poem alludes to this ineffability by its being made known through the eyes, the windows to the .  Love is not prone to half-ass measures, offering All that I have as the only proper homage to love's .  While the of love is difficult to quantify or put into words, its is to share itself with another.  May you love find you and the eyes have it.

The theme of this poem reminds me of another short poem of mine:

Divine Lover

One day
I asked
What is it all about?
There was only
But with the look he gave me
We've been lovers
Ever since


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