POEM: The Miraculous Doubt Her

You believe
In miracles
Yes and know
or nothing
Beyond your current

And resounding may be

This poem of and expansive is intended to both stretch and comfort your and .  There are wondrous things of which we know little.  Not knowing doesn't have to lead to or .  Not knowing can spur and leave open a space of immeasurable size where hopes call home.  Only the haughty portend that there are no marvels outside the reach of human finitude.  to explore, , , and chart fabulous possibilities is the perfect complement to willfulness, a tenacious navigator of gutsy amidst fields of can be harsh and disappointing.  Yet, inasmuch as we are the captains of our own fate, we are built for sailing, not the safe and limited usefulness of harbor.  While it may be trite that isn't fair, there is little doubt that is excellent!  If your life isn't a miracle, I strongly suspect that this isn't the fault of , real or unimagined.

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