POEM: Sow Groovy

There is a place
Beyond smooth
A groovy space
Up un-till
The coup
As water worn
Of more to be
A rock fitting
To our sole
Sow groovy

The good habits that we have due to wise disciplines, an uplifting , or inborn aptitude, form a groovy place that has a positive inertia of its own, reproducing good things without much additional effort.  Such groovy habits and their ensuing results mold our , who we are, and provide a foundation for launching who we want to be.  Of course, our bad habits also mold us.  Outside of us, there are also cascading waves of cause and effect, with their own inertia, for better or worse.  These forces comprise , other people, our built , and the cultures in which we interface.  Both within us and without us, happens.  seems to beg for .  While using the past as a predictor of the often seems to be the best we can do, such predictions are routinely wrong, and even in the most narrow contexts, such as quantum , such predictions, given all but the tiniest of -frames, will ALWAYS be wrong!  The , no matter how groovy, good, bad, or indifferent, will be subject to unforeseen — necessarily sow!  Now, such uncertainty may seem foreboding, but this is the very space our snugly and freely resides, begging to the of new moments and situations.  This is the ultimate groove.  We each get a profoundly unique set of conditions every moment of our lives.  We each get to contribute our own bit of , our too sense, if you will.  This is the rock to which our soles groove.  May you be a groovy who rocks on!


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