POEM: Not Buying Heaven or Hell

Being not tempted
Buy or
I yearn my keep
From the unearth

I like epic themes, such as and .  Nonetheless, I find the carrot of or the stick of to be a distraction from good living on earth.  strikes me as what melds the good on earth.  is a good in itself, reflecting the of our Creator.  Love is the way.  Love puts hell in the refuse category, rejecting the notion that is a dead end street.  Hell implies that gives up on us, and that 's will can only overcome us with some sort of eternal .  More insidiously, hell accepts that human will is somehow supreme, even trumping itself seems a more than adequate fail-safe for limiting any human's will! If there is a heaven, it would prove consistent with God's pattern of surprising me with good things, taking me beyond my limited , , or even .  My conception of how God operates is much more like a parent raising a young child, or in my more mature states, like a lover wooing me into even greater ways of being.  My siblings in this big, strange human may behave badly at times, but we are still and need to have each others back, and at least not kill each other!  Cain murdering Abel was all the more outrageous because they were brothers.  It is no different today — we are all brothers and sisters.  We should not forget such things.  This is not simply a metaphor.  Evolutionary biology indicates that all humans descended from a common ancestor on the continent of Africa.  would be better served to remember our African mother and know that we are one race, the . Love of is our greatest inheritance. Let this love bring us together, not tear us apart.

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