POEM: Capitalism Perfected

Wear every won
Cells their
And when
Every body
No’s that
They have
A fare price
For fabricated
And nightmares awoken

This poem’s title has a misleading title which implies that can be perfected. The twist in the rest of the poem is that it rebukes the illusion that can fulfill our , free our souls, or save us from our nightmares feared.  Instead of settling on a fair price in selling our souls (even if it reaps a profit of the whole world), we must reject this false and accept the fare, the cost, the price, of a higher way, which can preserve and nourish our souls.  The comedian and social commentator, George Carlin, once said, “They call it the American because you have to be asleep to believe it.”  Waking up to the pricelessness of our souls is the foundation of an architecture and arc of living that cannot buy.  Saying “No” to , the reduction of human to monetary terms, is a worthy start to as a free range human being.  Returning to a mere convenience for exchange of goods and services and toppling and the “” from their -like are prerequisites for a flourishing .  Humans should not be domesticated around the needs of or the “.”  A properly ordered is one where serves humans, not humans serving .  Whenever there is a between humans and the things that can buy, people should come first — not including corporate persons!  As so aptly put it, “You can’t serve both and .”  Capitalism perfected is capitalism put in its place, firmly at the feet of , never to rise above the least of human beings.

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