Owed to Knot Rhyming

The ability to
Is not my paradigm
I brandish cacophonies
To unleash new homeys
And full plurality
Welcoming that which can knot
Be beat

My is offbeat.  That is not to say that it doesn't have or , or and reason.  I brandish cacophonies to unleash unexpected cognitive dissonances that may provide momentary shortcuts and brief openings to our hearts.  Since the longest distance in the is from our heads to our hearts, there is great utility in such brain bypasses opening up the possibilities of new operations or inducing strokes of beyond calculation.  Cutting through such a knot is the metaphor used in the Greek myth of King Gordius who set out a challenge to untie an incredible knot, promising great to whoever could do it.  Many tried and failed, including the best and brightest.  Then, one man took out his sword and sliced the knot open with one stroke of .  The of applying ever more clever brain and ever more nimble hands missed the simple solution of using a wholly different tool.  Our is a different tool than our brains and hands.  As an organ of sense perception the can discern truths beyond sheer intelligence or brute .  You knead knot believe this.  Though the heart may just prove a cut above the wrest…


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