POEM: Mental Health Café

In the café
Most of us just order the usual
The du jour
A small mixed salad of worries
With a little on the side

For many, is the norm.  seems to propel forward, a basic energy in .  This may be true to an extent, but it is likely rooted in avoidance.  I have heard it said that anxiety is the truest form of atheism.  If it's all up to me and I have no reliable from which to gird my for my actions, where oughts are arbitrary, then anxiety must be the norm (see John Paul in various conundrums of being condemned to be free).  If is , and casts out , then we can let go of our anxieties and live freely into any which is in accord with .  The difference between love and may be as subtle as the difference between creating as a process and gaining as an outcome.  If creating is de-linked from personal gain, then gain happens for all.  If our creating is enmeshed in personal gain or avoidance, the goodness doesn't grow, and, at best, it is merely maintained.  The seed metaphor is perhaps the most apt in grasping this process in that a seed must die to its current of existence to grow into something more, some potential in the seed actualized, a crop yielding many-fold.  and selfishness leads us to consume our seed, or even better for the , to consume others' seed.  The worst fruit of such behavior is tempting others to pay undue attention to merely protecting what they have versus creating anew.  Let us not be overly wrought with the selfishness of others and continue following our good passions yielding good fruits for all.

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