POEM: Ninja Poets

Poets are like ninjas
They come from anywhere
They come from nowhere
Everybody has heard of them
Yet few actually see their

There are lots of poets.  Though some might say not enough.  Most people do not read at all.  That is, unless you include clever as !  I may just.  I see everywhere.  This is probably why I write more than I read.  While I am inspired by others’ , I tend to go straight to the source: itself.  After all, is just a written result of the and making in response to .  The is in the source, not necessarily the effect or interpretation of the source.  may just be a grasping for , just another elucidation of a deeper, even ultimate, .  Poets are like priests.  In an ideal world, there would be no need of priests.  There would be no class of people to mediate our of , and deep realities.  We would directly such realities.  But, alas, we do not live in an ideal world, and poets a role of elucidating, perhaps even inspiring, others into experiences of deeper realities.  Though good poets want to themselves out of a , to see others read directly from the depths of and offer up their observations, not for some other end, to publish or convert, but as an inescapable expression of , grief, and every human emotion and .  Our lives would be our poetry.  Then, everybody would be a and nobody would be a .  Hey, and who doesn’t want to be like a ninja?!

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