POEM: A Farcical Foundation

A Farcical Foundation

Of people
Bank accounts
And resumes
In lieu of a better world
In the face of
Hoarding ourselves
Leaving our shares as chump change
Our resumes bankrupt
In grate sell deception
Talked into ahead in arrears
Left behind as good as a rite
A pauper wresting place
For a loan and a fraud dwelling
Only in habiting the largesse
As a lust resort
Fabricated upon a farcical foundation
Unable to settle what has been billed
Dropping all in loo
Of a better world
Too mulch
To imagine
For those with
The lyin's share
Only as per jury
Of one's peers

This poem gets to the of the matter.  The great divide in is between wholehearted living and heartless living, which, of course, is not really living all.  Choose , not lifelessness!  As aptly put it, “You can't serve both and .”  The of is the beginning of .  The of is the height of foolishness.  Of course, you only need to worry about this when and compete for your allegiance, say, most of the you are awake! In monetized existence, a rather full assessment of what one can be ascertained by how one spends their money (or not spends as the case may be).  Unfortunately, such an assessment process happens to be accurate precisely because of the great in our lives which focuses on money (not God). A better accounting might include looking at how we spend our .  Not surprisingly, in a which seems only to serve money as its highest value, has managed to bastardize the typified 1950's quest for leisure by increasing hours (and decreasing leisure time), even though has grown by multiples.  There is way more money and “stuff” in the world than a few generations ago.  Still, the quality of for the majority of the world's population languishes.  As has been true for centuries, if not longer, there has been enough “stuff” to live good lives, except for the stubborn fact that humans have not learned to share well.  When will we accept the sociological and that beyond meeting our basic needs, money contributes little to happiness.  Perhaps more aptly put, if we hoard money for our own use beyond our basic physical needs, we will pay a social, , and price for it, which will negate the perceived benefits of hoarding or consuming more.  In choosing disciplined for ourselves and toward others, we can build more than bank accounts and resumes, and the most valuable stuff in life, the stuff that money can't buy.

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