POEM: I Dropped My Sword and Shield

One day I dropped my sword and shield
And as it turns out, it freed more than my hands

It is not unusual for me to want to see someone hurt; this is the metaphorical sword.  It is not unusual for me to want to protect myself and limit my vulnerabilities to others; this is the metaphorical shield.  On a good day, I find in heaping on all living beings, and opening myself to the that me and the so-called other are actually one.  It has been said that is like taking poison and expecting another to die.  Resentments hurt me first, and then often go on to hurt others.  It has also been said that hurt people hurt people.  However, it is possible for me to break that cycle. And when the cycle of hurt is broken, I am the first one freed.  To live this way requires a lot of , that is, dropping my shield.  While our often lifts up the virtues of the warrior, I believe that a to hurt without passing that hurt on to others takes more than hurting others.  as a lower form of .  Also, by offering a break in the cycle of hurt it serves as an invitation to others to break the cycle.  The point is not to visit the of upon another but to escape that .  This is a higher form of just us.

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