POEM: Sleeping In

I love mornings that I can sleep in
I call them “weekdays”

I am a wealthy man!  I can go for months at a time without the need for an alarm clock.  How many have such wealth?  In crass terms, how much would you be willing to pay for this?  But alas, the value of such a freedom cannot be fully accounted for in terms of cash.  As part of my package deal, I find myself without health insurance, but I am well-rested, have relatively little stress in my life, and have room to pursue my daily needs and wants, which may include exercise and meditation.  The reference to “weekdays” alludes to that which is “normal” or most common in our lives, the bulk of our week.  Of course, I may sleep in on the weekend as well!  This summer I took three weeks for a vacation; how many of the most powerful people in the world can say that?!  Please don’t consider this bragging.  I see it more as fumbling gratitude

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