POLITICAL CARTOON: CEO Jesus – Rendering Unto Ceasar

CEO Jesus Loves Tax Time!

Jesus Cartoon: CEO Jesus - Rendering Unto Ceasar What is Ceasar's

CEO Jesus really loves tax time!  Of course, Jesus opposes Imperial Rome just as much as Jesus opposes Imperial United States.  And what’s the best way to bring down a government?  De-fund it!  If paying taxes is evil, then getting the government to pay you must be good.  Now, if you are an individual and the government pays you, then that is no-good, lazy, welfare behavior.  But, if you are a corporation, then it is good business AND morally commendable.  What could be better than to get paid to be good!  And the corporations said, “Let just us reign.”

So, until next Sunday, with the next edition of CEO Jesus, Comedian Jesus, Doctor Jesus, General Jesus, Country Club Jesus, etc., let me know what you think.

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