POLITICAL CARTOON: Comedian Jesus – Tough Crowd

Comedian Speaks!

Jesus Cartoon: Comedian Jesus - Tough Crowd

Well, this week marks a difficult week for comedian Jesus.  As is the case with many standup guys, one day they get adulating crowds, then the next day they get deeply disappointed crowds.  It is the fickle of a comedian.  Upon Jesus’ entrance into for Passover, the crowds went wild and it seemed that he could do no wrong.  However, by the end of the week, Barabbas, the crowd-pleasing insurrectionist, would be the flavor of the day.  Fortunately, for those patient enough to stick with Jesus, he’s working on some really great new material for next week, and presaging a deadpan Arnold Schwarzenegger, matter-of-factually reminds his crowd, “I’ll be back.”

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