POLITICAL CARTOON: Country Club Jesus – Blessed are those who exclude others for economic reasons

Country Club Speaks!

Jesus Cartoon: Country Club Jesus - Blessed are Those who Exclude Others Economic Reasons

Welcome to Country Club Jesus!  This is the latest installment the series of that run on Sundays, featuring CEO Jesus, Free Jesus, Country Club Jesus, General Jesus, Comedian Jesus, and who knows what other incarnations!

This is the first appearance of Country Club Jesus, but he will undoubtedly return again!  Country Club has finally got some balls, a bucket full of them as a matter of fact.  You have to wonder with being so special why he waited so long for this exclusive members only thing!  But, he’s finally caught up with his that seems to focus more on guarding its exclusive member benefits than actually growing the circle of members, or forbid, actually living out its mission to set the oppressed free.

A lot of things in cost a lot of money.  The world tends to focus on what it can’t afford and the infinite versions of trying to use to meet needs that cannot fill.  Like says “All you need is love.”  Right, that and a Cadillac will get you a Cadillac, others say.  I can certainly relate to how complicated it is trying to sort through all of our basic needs and meet them, and certainly has a role in that process.  Nonetheless, I find it much more useful to frame our most basic needs in terms of what I can’t afford not to do.  This hones in on those relatively few, yet most important, that get roughshod on a daily basis.  This helps foster a more conscientious approach to that which is important but not necessarily urgent.  It is essential to be able to define what the good is.  If is the lowest common denominator in this definition, then you can expect that your will not rise much above this lowest common denominator.  I return often to the classic and profound dichotomy that laid out:  you can serve either or money, but not both.  This is a basic choice that cascades into the rest of our every day, every month, every season, every year, every decade, every generation.  If we screw up that basic choice between and money, our will necessarily be disordered.  First things first.  Seek ye first the realm of and all else will follow.  The screwed up worldly version of this is: no money, no mission.  If you can’t tell the difference between these two versions, then it’s to get back to the basics.  Oh, and by the way, it probably doesn’t include beating up others with your exclusive club!

So, until next Sunday, with the next edition of CEO Jesus, Free Jesus, etc., talk amongst yourselves or let me know what you think.

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