After Each War Little Less Democracy to Save

After Each War Little Less Democracy to Save–ANTI-WAR QUOTE BUTTON

After Each War Little Less Democracy to Save--ANTI-WAR QUOTE BUTTON

After Each War Little Less Democracy to Save–ANTI-WAR QUOTE BUTTON

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This antiwar quote pretty much speaks for itself.  You can’t create democracy through the barrel of a gun.  The relationship between war and democracy is yet another serious straying from the right relationship between means and ends.  War has the means and war has the ends, but war is profoundly undemocratic, actually anti-democratic.  There is something profoundly contradictory in telling entire nations, entire peoples, that they should be able to participate in democracy, but only if they choose certain things that we like.  Some people may strain to make the connection between war and democracy by claiming that we have to go to war to protect our democracy that is threatened by people, usually much of the way around the world.  If we are forced to kill people halfway around the world to protect our own national interest, then I would posit that such a national interest extends far beyond democracy into imperialism.  If the only way we can have democracy is by preventing democracy by most of the world that I think that we should relinquish any title to being democratic.  War degrades democracy.  I vote for peace.  What do you vote for?

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