Homosexual Agenda

Homosexual Agenda – Spend Time with – Be Treated Equally – Buy Milk

Homosexual Agenda - Spend Time with Family - Be Treated Equally - Buy Milk--Gay Pride Rainbow Store FUNNY BUTTON

Homosexual Agenda – Spend Time with
Family – Be Treated Equally – Buy Milk–Gay
Pride Rainbow Store FUNNY BUTTON

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This gay design is a parody of the fixation on some nefarious homosexual agenda.  If you want to get religious conservatives all hyped up, talk about .  Somehow, the idea that LGBTQA persons are normal people who desire the same as everyone else is a foreign concept to them.  This long-standing religious is hugely disproportional even if you were to buy the Scriptural reasoning by religious conservatives.  is one of those touchstone issues that acts as a lightning rod for many darker aspects of religious conservatism.  Of course, they are plenty of issues with itself.  Role in issues of controlling moralism and imperial exclusivism, and the train is ready to roll!  While you may hear language about welcoming and loving the sinner not the sin from the more moderate bigots, the bottom line is always that is always viewed as wrong and deviant.  So much for that grand diversity.  The Bible talks very little about , though, granted, what it would seem to say about is not very good.  This strikes me as eerily similar to the biblical basis for .  Back to the issue of disproportionality. When religious folks overwhelm and overlook other obviously more important issues like and with less clear issues, I don’t think this represents some kind of cutting-edge discernment; rather, an honest reading of , shows that this is people hanging onto an age-old not some eternal .  While is in the , just like it is in most to some degree, the has at least agreed that is wrong.  While there is much of the church that does not view as equals, most prominently, the Roman Catholic Church, the overall social norm has tipped to .  If you think that the Roman Catholic Church is that they hold out, just speak to a lot of Catholics; but times are changing.  I believe that is in the inevitable queue for growing awarenesses around age-old bigotries that will fall when true is manifest.  Our , including sexual orientation, is a from .  This should be celebrated, not despised.

The other thing I really like about this design is that it focuses on the normality of gay aspirations.  Of course LGBTQA people want to be treated equally – duh!  But this is a prerequisite for going about living a normal .  I will pray and work for the day when discrimination against LGBTQA persons is only a subject in the books that baffles people why it ever happened in the first place.  Let’s make it so!

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