Black Bloc Anarchists Play into Hands of State Control

Chris Hedges of Znet reports on the The Cancer in Occupy as the Black Bloc Anarchists who typically are the small number in the Occupy movement who behave violently, attacking police, and destroying property.  While the Occupy movement as a whole is overwhelmingly committed to nonviolence, the use of that occurs occasionally plays neatly into the hands of statist forces.  Acts of invariably capture the focus of the and reinforces negative of many Americans who have concerns with the Occupy movement.  Most importantly, the knows how to deal with violence.  It is better equipped for violence.  It is better trained for violence.  and forces vastly outnumber violent protesters.  All Weapons Are Boomerangs-PEACE BUTTONThis is a losing formula.  Personally, as a pacifist, I find intrinsically offensive. However, in this case, it seems that using is clearly a losing formula from purely a tactical point of view.  creates great confusion in the minds of onlookers, regarding what is the cause and who is responsible.  Also, the vast majority of Americans would presume that the typically have some legitimate reason for using force when confronted with violence.  A key part of the of is in exposing the and dis-proportionality of violence, particularly state in terms of or action.  By not confusing who is perpetuating the violence, onlookers can clearly attribute where the is coming from, and when unjust or disproportional, the perpetrators of lose legitimacy and the of the governed atrophies.  This greatly aids and evolution.

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